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A cleanse for your entire body

At Absolute Therapeutic Spa LLC, our spa body treatments will tantalize your entire body, giving you a fresh and revitalizing experience.

*Add a 30 minute facial for $40

Spa body treatments | Oshkosh, WI | Absolute Therapeutic Spa, LLC | 920-267-0042

A truly soothing experience

The spa body treatments available at Absolute Therapeutic Spa LLC will give your body an experience like never before. From gentle exfoliations to open up your pores to tender massages for an added relaxation measure, your mind and body will feel renewed and healthier than ever.

Spa Body Treatments to meet your body's needs

Contour Wrap
90 minutes/ $115

“An effective sea-earth synergy that fights fat deposits and cellulite”

Recommended for: Cellulite or localized fat deposits on abdomen, thighs and buttocks. With Red Algae, Yellow Poppy, and Coffee

  • Encourages the breakdown process and elimination of fats.
  • Triggers cellular metabolism, controls tissue functionality and breaks up accumulated fluids and fats, encouraging the drainage and lipolysis of fats.

Detox Wrap
90 minutes/ $105

“Eliminating excess fluids with the saline strength of the sea”

Directly from the sea, enriched with seaweed extracts, clays and algae, this mud and saline concentrate improves the skin’s tone and capillary circulation. This treatment assists in the reduction of fatty deposits, fluid retention and toxins by detoxifying the skin’s tissue. Sea Salt, Dark Algae and Bitter Orange

  • It improves the microcirculation, while reducing water retention.
  • It encourages the drainage and elimination of toxins
  • The high content of mineral salts and vitamins ensures excellent moisture, suppleness and integrity to the skin.

Sea Salt Scrub & Polish
60 minutes/ $80

This is the ultimate exfoliation for the entire body. Dead sea salts and rich oils are massaged on your skin to remove rough and dry skin. Following the exfoliation massage, you will receive a hot towel rub down and the moisturizer of your choice is massaged into your skin, leaving your body silky smooth.

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